The game of golf has produced great phenomenal players such as Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Bobby Jones. Tiger woods is arguable the most popular golf player in history, popular across the world, however,  he is not the only player to have gained mastery over the game of golf, in fact, he is second to Jack Nicklaus in the game of golf, as it regards the number of major tournaments won.


Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus is considered the greatest golf player of all time winning 18 major championships.

No doubt, Tiger Woods is no match in the modern golf game and most winner of some awards  like PGA player of the year, but Jack is still a champion yet to beat with his 18 major championships, 19 second place and 9 third place finishes.

His performance, however, decline from 1968 to 1970, but he rose again in 1971 to win some titles and retired with 6th master title in 1986.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods changed the game of golf to what it is today, he brought it to close to children and adults, as a result, encourage sponsors to throw their money into the game.

He is destined to eclipse the record of Jack Nicklaus of 18 championships, but he is yet to, no thanks to the injuries at some point in his career.

However, he boasts of 14 PGA major championships with 79 PGA tour victories (second all time) among other honors like PGA player of the year for 11 times, leading money of the year for 7 times, Vardon trophy for 9 times, and Bryon Nelson award for 9 times.

Bobby Jones

Bob Jones is popular for winning career grand slam, winning all the four major tournaments namely: US open, US amateur, British amateur and open championship in one calendar year of 1930. In general, he played 31 majors wining 13 times and PGA tour victories of 9.

Walter Hagen

Walter Hagen’s 45 PGA tour wins and 30 other wins showed he had a remarkable career in the first half of the 20th century coupled with 11 PGA championships. He was the first native America to win a British Open in 1922.

Samuel Jackson Snead

Sam Snead holds the record for the highest PGA tour victories with 82 victories, but just won major 7 championships and he never won the US open, though he was second on seven occasions.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan’s career was almost threaten by a car accident he had in 1949, but he bounced back to win the masters tournament in 1951 and 1953 alongside the US open also in 1951 and 1953 and coupled with the open championship in 1953 among others prizes he won before the car threatening accident, which includes the US. open, PGA championship and achievements and awards such has the PGA player of the year, PGA tour.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer won 62 PGA tour victories coupled with 7 major championships. Arnold Palmer presence in the game of golf made it accessible remove the discrimination in the game of golf, hence, made the game accessible by both the middle and working class.

Gary Player

Gary Player completed his career grand slam at the age of 29 with the US open in 1965. Becoming the first non-native America to win the four major tournaments of US open, Masters, PGA championship and the open championship coupled with the PGA tour victories of 24 (25th of all time).

Gene Sarazen

Gene Sarazen is one of the top players in the 1920s and 1930 s. He also won the career grand slam by winning all the major tournaments with seven major championships and 39 tour victories (11th of all time).

Phil Mickelson

               ( Phil Mickelson competed in the Players Championship while wearing an unconventional shirt.)

Phil Mickelson came close to winning the US. Open of a record of six times, but he was runner-up in all the six times. However, he won the master titles for three times, PGA championship once also one time champion of open championship coupled with 43 PGA tour victories.


Though, some new golf stars are emerging like Dustin Johnson to becoming the best golf player in history, but as it stands, they are nowhere near the top 10 golf players.

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